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Meet Byron Williams, the man behind BW Resources

Meet Byron Williams - A living definition of the phrase "Valuable Resource"

Byron represents an amazing amount of experience, knowledge and network connections accumulated over his 20+ years as a NFL professional player, businessman and with various high profile leadership positions. Byron now shares his success advice with others through a structured organization called BWResources, Inc.

Projects, assets and resources related to the BWResources charter include:

  • The NFL Players Association
    - helping pro players get plugged into speaking engagments, revenue opportunities and more
  • Youth Football Mini-Camps featuring NFL Pros as coaches
    - Byron's lionshare of effort is dedicated to inspiring our youth to succeed
  • Unequal technology featuring kevlar-based composites for head, body and foot protection
    - a preferred distributor for Unequal products
  • The TimeOut Guys
    - providing an easy way for organizers, corporations or schools to book a pro player for an engagement

BWResources is currently developing a comprehensive software application which will allow players, coaches and sponsors to coordinate efforts, negotiate 'deals' and manage their all so important visibility. This application is in its final stage of development and will be rolled out this year. If you are a player, coach or sponsor interested in Byron's work, please contact BWResources at:

Telephone:  (972) 652 0873

Byron Williams is the current President of the NFL Players Association located in Dallas, TX

Are you plugged into the NFL Players Association?

Byron is the President of the NFL Players Association based in Dallas, TX which represents over 500 Pro Players! Byron is beyond committed to helping NFL Pro Athletes maximize their player celebrity status by providing them a wealth of resources including corporate sponsors, corporations and schools seeking to capitalize on that celebrity status.

Whether you are a NFL Athlete or business organization, you can leverage an amazing opportunity to build your business network connections by contacting Byron. More information:

Telephone:  (972) 652 0873

Byron Williams is your contact for NFL Flag Football in Texas

What is NFL Flag?

NFL FLAG Powered by USA Football provides opportunities for children age 5-17 to enjoy America's favorite sport. Players benefit by being physically active through non-contact, continuous action while learning the fundamentals of football, lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. More information:

Telephone:  (972) 652 0873

BW Resources Brokers Celebrity Golf Opportunities

BW Resources works with a variety of charity golf tournament planners.

If you are an organization seeking something 'extra' to pull in more participants, increase the value proposition to your sponsors and stand out from other tournaments, contact us to learn how.

If you are a professional athlete looking for a structured way to learn about (and participate in) charity golf tournaments, contact us right away!

BW Resources Supports ProPlayer Health Alliance

Over years working with pro athletes, BW Resources has compiled quite a list of common ailments and health issues athletes deal with on a daily basis. Sleep Apnea is high on that list!

Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) is an organization dedicated to helping former NFL players who suffer from sleep apnea. Check out if PPHA may be able to help you get better rest and consequently, a clearer mind!

Weblink:  Pro Players Health Alliance

Byron Williams Endorses the Neuro Brain Center of America in Southlake, TX

Byron is a believer! As you can imagine, years of playing football from Junior High School all the way to retiring as an NFL pro receiver at 36yr, certainly took a toll on his body. And not just his body, his brain too!

Frequent migraines, combined with concerns he may be on the cusp of experiencing some of those frightening symptoms as described in recent NFL concussion research studies, put him in a familiar role - offense. Better to be proactive now than in a defensive position later. Then he met with the doctors at the Brain Center of America in Southlake. And got better!

Byron's comfort and quality of life has increased dramatically with the help of this new, cutting edge treatment technology.

Weblink:  Neuro Brain Center of America

Byron Williams offers Sports Asset Management services Byron Williams is a definition for the word Resources
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