About Byron Williams
Meet Byron Williams, Giants NFL player and the President of the NFL Players Association in Dallas, TX - focused on connecting pro players with the community.

Byron Williams, an alumnus of the University of Texas at Arlington, was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1983. He played 13 seasons as a professional wide receiver in the NFL, CFL, and World League. Byron continued his NFL career with the New York Giants from 1983 to 1986 playing his best NFL game in 1984 against the Philadelphia Eagles where he completed five catches for 167 yards and a 65-yard touchdown. Byron's best 40-yard time was 4.23 and his best 100 meter time is 10.13.

In 2013, Byron was elected and currently holds the title of President of the NFL Players Association in Dallas, TX. His mission is to help current and former NFL players connect with the community and build infrastructure for players to generate additional revenue streams.

Byron, founder and director of BW Resources has successfully operated and managed youth sports camps for over 18 years. He has collaborated with American Youth Football, Camp Victory, Terrell Owens, Donte' Whitner, Brandon Jones, Kerry Rhodes, George Teague, Mike "Scooter" McGruder and many others.

Byron also is a primary owner of EXO Action Sports, LLC. which is a preferred reseller of the Unequal Kevlar®-based head, body and foot armor. Independent testing has shown these products may reduce some of the blunt force energy associated with high-impact sporting activities. As an experienced athlete, Byron understands the need to offer up the best technology available which might be able to reduce any injury to an athlete.

Byron Williams offers Sports Asset Management services Byron Williams is a definition for the word Resources